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Crib Sheet Tutorial

I love crib sheets. Because of their existence, I started Noni & V. While pregnant with Jack I had a particular style for his nursery and the inspiration came from a bolt of fabric I’d seen in a fabric shop downtown Seattle. Before Jack was even born, I’d made multiple crib sheets, and decided to see if any of them would sell online. To my surprise they sold, and after adapting to motherhood, I invested in more fabrics and started Noni & V as a nursery outfitter.

Making a crib sheet is the perfect basic and beginner project. Best of luck, and send me a line if you need any help along the way.



80'“ OF 1/4” ELASTIC

1.     With your unwashed cotton, cut the length of your fabric to extend to 69 inches. If you’ve pre-washed your cotton, cut your fabric length to 67 inches. (When you purchase your fabric is will be folded, with selvage edges touching each other. Keep this fold in place, adjusting to make sure the fabric is being cut on the straight.) If your fabric width is between 42-44”, do not cut the selvage. However, if your fabric is wider than 44”, cut it down to a width of 44”.

2.     Keep your fabric folded, and bring the ends together so all four corners over the fabric are overlapping.


3.     You’ll cut a square from these overlapped corners. ((Make sure you’re cutting the corners that aren’t on the fold)) If you’re using unwashed cotton you’ll cut an 8.75” square. If you’re using a pre-washed cotton, you’ll cut out an 8” square.

4.     On each corner you will bring the two edges right sides together and pin. You will be securing these edges with a seam, by using your serger or sewing machine. Use a 1/4” seam allowance.


5.     Sew or serge along each corner.

6.     If you are using a serger, serge along the entire edge of the crib sheet to make a finished edge.

7.     Take your crib sheet to your ironing board. With a hot iron, you’ll press and prepare a  casing for your sheet.

8.     With the right-side of your fabric facing the ironing board, fold ½”-5/8” of the edge towards you, so that the right side of will be shown 1/2”-5/8”, and press this new edge.

9.     Refer to the video tutorial for a step by step guide.

10.  Continue pressing and creating this new edge along the entire crib sheet.


11.  Take your crib sheet to your sewing machine and with a 3/8-1/2” (whichever is smaller than your casing) stitch along the casing, leaving a 1” gap at the end to insert your elastic.

I like to put a pin in my casing to remind me to stop. I also start at a corner.

I like to put a pin in my casing to remind me to stop. I also start at a corner.


12.  Cut 80” of elastic and secure to your elastic threading tool or a safety pin and insert in the casing. Bunch and pull the tool throughout the casing, making sure that the opposite end of the elastic doesn’t slide into the casing.

IMG_1690 2.jpg

13.  After you’ve inserted the elastic throughout the casing and both ends are exposed and unattached, overlap them and with a zigzag stitch secure them together, stitching forwards and backwards. Gently guide the newly attached elastic into the crib sheet casing.

14.  Return to the sewing machine to close the gap, remembering to secure the seam at the beginning and ending of the gap by stitching forward, then backwards for a couple of stitches, before continuing on.

15.  Clip your leftover threads at the seam, and your crib sheet is all ready to go!

Crib Sheet