I have found that a life with intention, enriches all experiences. It’s added purpose to my day to day routines, especially as a mom of two little men….it means being “all-in” at work, in a relationship, in school. An intentional life allows us to feel confident and at peace with our decisions, especially the tough ones.

This week, I’ve spent more time focusing on intentional play and learning-time with my boys, and I’m seeing growth in the both of them, and myself. Jack says a few more words than last week and listens to a few more pages during book time. Cal studies the interactions of brother, mom and dad, mimicking their actions, absorbing his surroundings more quickly. Last night his GiGi was snapping her fingers to a song and almost instantly we watched his fingers move in similar motions. And me…I am finding greater joy in purposeful play and meal time, building race tracks, naming colors and exploring the outdoors. I am not worrying about the time, the cleaning list or the work list, but focusing on spending meaningful time with my littles. They feel validated in their efforts as children and I feel peace with the way I’m raising them.

And yes, my business endeavors are still alive. I’m still working with textiles and sending baby goods off to beloved Littles each day, but my focus on being a more intentional parent (my most important job/career) has allowed me to feel positively about my purpose, leading to a happier, more motivated creator. I feel more organized. I accomplish more. I feel so much joy.

Intentional Parenting