The 3 things I'm not supposed to be doing.


The 3 things I'm not supposed to be doing.

I read an article today that was proclaiming my business failure if I did “these 3 things”…. and guess what, I’m doing all 3.



Though I appreciated the advice and I understood where the author was coming from, there are some things that I’m okay doing right now to keep my business running. For example, they advised me, as the business owner, not to do my own taxes, because it’s not my specialty. And though I don’t have my CPA credentials, I’ve been doing my taxes for many many years. My parents are both business people, they do part of their taxes and ship out the rest to accountants and bookkeepers. I remember going through different forms with my mom learning how to file, calling her in college when I needed to add new sections to claim on my report. Though I’m not overly excited about filing my income taxes or reporting my excise taxes, it’s a great way for me to wrap my head around inventory, expenses and I save funds along the way, so it’s a win for me.

More to the point, we’re surrounded with a lot of voices and opinions, freely given and shared online and in person. With each new tidbit, YOU get to decide whether or not that advice matters to you, whether it’s important to accept or needed in your life. It’s okay if it is important to you, and it’s okay if it’s not. Whatever motivates and inspires you to move forward with your dreams, with your purpose and with excitement, is what you want to involve in your journey.

Most often, we find this inspiration through others. So, find your crew - the people who lift, who build and who inspire you to feel confident about YOU.. all of you. Connect with them, share experiences together and listen to their thoughts. They have YOUR best interest. Quite simply, they care.

Happy weekend.



Every Dream Matters

Every Dream Matters

Sometimes the first step is the hardest.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest.

Just start. Begin today - whatever it is you’ve been itching to do, those opportunities typically don’t come knocking at your door. So whether you choose to concept your unconventional idea on a napkin, open up an ETSY account or put your tennis shoes on for the first time in too long, you’ve just begun a new journey, and you’re going to be great!

While at a conference last year, a customer told me she had a dream to start her own gig, to make specialty items for little ones and how much fun she imagined it would be. I looked her straight in the eyes and boldly told her, “YES! That’s a great idea. Do it.” I think she thought I was kidding, knowing that my goods may conflict with her envisioned goods, so I grabbed for my card and said, “Take this. When you’re ready to launch something or want to take the next step, call me. There’s room for everyone. The designs and goods you envision will reach people I don’t reach, and the same goes for my products. It’s never too late to start. And I think you’d create something beautiful.” She was a bit shocked, but equally as gracious and grateful.

I genuinely meant what I said. There really is room for every dream to be realized…. every dream.

That means YOURS.

I know timing is essential. Sometimes we have to wait to actualize our dreams. Sometimes our babies keep us from sleeping, which keeps us from thinking straight, which keeps us from remembering what our dream was in the first place. Sometimes we need to grow a little more before we start a completely new chapter, and sometimes we just need to be ready to jump.


And remember, there are a lot of people….and I mean a lot, who will benefit from your voice, your authenticity and your inspiration.




I have found that a life with intention, enriches all experiences. It’s added purpose to my day to day routines, especially as a mom of two little men….it means being “all-in” at work, in a relationship, in school. An intentional life allows us to feel confident and at peace with our decisions, especially the tough ones.

This week, I’ve spent more time focusing on intentional play and learning-time with my boys, and I’m seeing growth in the both of them, and myself. Jack says a few more words than last week and listens to a few more pages during book time. Cal studies the interactions of brother, mom and dad, mimicking their actions, absorbing his surroundings more quickly. Last night his GiGi was snapping her fingers to a song and almost instantly we watched his fingers move in similar motions. And me…I am finding greater joy in purposeful play and meal time, building race tracks, naming colors and exploring the outdoors. I am not worrying about the time, the cleaning list or the work list, but focusing on spending meaningful time with my littles. They feel validated in their efforts as children and I feel peace with the way I’m raising them.

And yes, my business endeavors are still alive. I’m still working with textiles and sending baby goods off to beloved Littles each day, but my focus on being a more intentional parent (my most important job/career) has allowed me to feel positively about my purpose, leading to a happier, more motivated creator. I feel more organized. I accomplish more. I feel so much joy.

Intentional Parenting



Fabric Shopping... a few places you should know about!

Over the last few years, I’ve gathered quite a few sources for fabric needs. Before I started Marifly, I rarely went to a fabric shop, beyond JOANNS, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby - mainly because I lived in an area without boutique fabric shops. And though I still head to these shops for various needs, there are a lot of other fun places to snag premium cottons and specialty textiles.

LA Fashion District (I went to the DG Expo a couple years ago and the streets are lined with fabric options.)

Michael Levines located at 920 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015
This is a great stop for premium cottons, including designers like Cotton + Steel, AGF and other quilting goods. ML is a great one-stop shop, the boutique shop from your hometown that’s on steroids. It also has a home dec. shop across the street and notions galore. (This is not your bargain shopping place)

9th - Maple - Wall Street

There are shops in every nook along the streets featuring every dream of textile. You will find apparel wear, silks, faux furs, athletic wear/sportswear, home dec. fabric and so many more options. Here’s a directory if you’re headed down there. Feel free to bargain, and if your a business bring copies of your tax deductible information.

LA Textile District

3 Fun Online Quilt Shopping

Fabric Bubb Bundles are crafted with style & ingenuity. It’s an amazing spot for inspiration for your next quilt.

Fabric Bubb Bundles are crafted with style & ingenuity. It’s an amazing spot for inspiration for your next quilt.

FabricBubb - This is a great place for bundle inspiration
Hawthorne Supply Co. - This used to be named Hawthorne Threads and they have so many fabric options + they’ve started their own lines.
Cottoneer Fabric - A Modern Fabric shop This is also a husband and wife duo that photographs all of their fabrics and sells the most lovely linen fabrics.

Shop Cabin has started a collection with Hawthorne Supply Co.

Shop Cabin has started a collection with Hawthorne Supply Co.

Knit Fabrics

Spoonflower: I know I know, it’s expensive, but their knits are fun and great for specific projects, and you can pretty much get the exact print you want with all of its options.
Girl Charlee: I don’t love the quality of all their knits, but if you want to make a baby swaddle that helps a baby sleep because it has the right amount of stretch and breathes well, this is your place. Also, it’s super super reasonable.
Art Gallery Fabrics has great 4-way stretch knits and you can find these options at any retailer that sells AGF, including
Birch Organics: I love their organic knit fabric. It’s a little thicker, but the colors and finish is amazing.

Find Retailers that sell these…

Most Textile Companies wholesale to retailers, and don’t sell their goods through their company.
Cotton + Steel: Features some of the most beautiful wovens and canvas options. Rifle Paper Co. prints through C+S.
Art Gallery Fabrics: Amazing quality that focuses on quilting cotton, but also designs rayons, poplins, canvas, knit and denims…. top notch stuff.
Shannon Fabrics: Best cuddle fabrics on the block. I suggest going on ETSY to find this soft plush, faux furs, llama sherpas, etc.
Dear Stella,Blend Fabrics, Andover Fabrics, Kona Solid Cottons, Robert Kaufmann, Riley Blake Designs and Windham Fabrics -

2018-08-15 21.15.28.jpg


Crib Sheet Tutorial

I love crib sheets. Because of their existence, I started Noni & V. While pregnant with Jack I had a particular style for his nursery and the inspiration came from a bolt of fabric I’d seen in a fabric shop downtown Seattle. Before Jack was even born, I’d made multiple crib sheets, and decided to see if any of them would sell online. To my surprise they sold, and after adapting to motherhood, I invested in more fabrics and started Noni & V as a nursery outfitter.

Making a crib sheet is the perfect basic and beginner project. Best of luck, and send me a line if you need any help along the way.



80'“ OF 1/4” ELASTIC

1.     With your unwashed cotton, cut the length of your fabric to extend to 69 inches. If you’ve pre-washed your cotton, cut your fabric length to 67 inches. (When you purchase your fabric is will be folded, with selvage edges touching each other. Keep this fold in place, adjusting to make sure the fabric is being cut on the straight.) If your fabric width is between 42-44”, do not cut the selvage. However, if your fabric is wider than 44”, cut it down to a width of 44”.

2.     Keep your fabric folded, and bring the ends together so all four corners over the fabric are overlapping.


3.     You’ll cut a square from these overlapped corners. ((Make sure you’re cutting the corners that aren’t on the fold)) If you’re using unwashed cotton you’ll cut an 8.75” square. If you’re using a pre-washed cotton, you’ll cut out an 8” square.

4.     On each corner you will bring the two edges right sides together and pin. You will be securing these edges with a seam, by using your serger or sewing machine. Use a 1/4” seam allowance.


5.     Sew or serge along each corner.

6.     If you are using a serger, serge along the entire edge of the crib sheet to make a finished edge.

7.     Take your crib sheet to your ironing board. With a hot iron, you’ll press and prepare a  casing for your sheet.

8.     With the right-side of your fabric facing the ironing board, fold ½”-5/8” of the edge towards you, so that the right side of will be shown 1/2”-5/8”, and press this new edge.

9.     Refer to the video tutorial for a step by step guide.

10.  Continue pressing and creating this new edge along the entire crib sheet.


11.  Take your crib sheet to your sewing machine and with a 3/8-1/2” (whichever is smaller than your casing) stitch along the casing, leaving a 1” gap at the end to insert your elastic.

I like to put a pin in my casing to remind me to stop. I also start at a corner.

I like to put a pin in my casing to remind me to stop. I also start at a corner.


12.  Cut 80” of elastic and secure to your elastic threading tool or a safety pin and insert in the casing. Bunch and pull the tool throughout the casing, making sure that the opposite end of the elastic doesn’t slide into the casing.

IMG_1690 2.jpg

13.  After you’ve inserted the elastic throughout the casing and both ends are exposed and unattached, overlap them and with a zigzag stitch secure them together, stitching forwards and backwards. Gently guide the newly attached elastic into the crib sheet casing.

14.  Return to the sewing machine to close the gap, remembering to secure the seam at the beginning and ending of the gap by stitching forward, then backwards for a couple of stitches, before continuing on.

15.  Clip your leftover threads at the seam, and your crib sheet is all ready to go!

Crib Sheet




The Pinners Conference season for 2019 begins soon, starting in California. I’ll be heading to Utah again, and I’m already planning some new experiences for patrons to participate in, than just shopping. I’ve found that it’s the perfect outlet for a girls’ weekend, holiday shopping, and DIY projects. I created a one-sheet of the benefits within the Pinners Conference, specifically that in UT. And if you want to be involved this year, be it in Utah or another location, or if you have any questions, contact me here!




Pinners Conference 2018

Pinners Conference in Utah was a great success. We learned a lot and gained so much from our experience in Salt Lake City, that we’re planning on doing it next year too! In a couple of minutes, here are a few things we learned…



Weapons of Choice

A few weeks ago, my sister had me take a test to see how long I could survive a Zombie Apocalypse (we're weird, we know). Nonetheless, one of the questions listed several weapons, and asked me which one I would choose.  Honestly, I don't remember which weapon I selected - I'm quite certain I wouldn't have known how to use it. However, there are three "weapons" that I use daily to help me survive my creative slumps and business bumps. 



This week has been incredible for Marifly. The support and growth continue to inspire me to explore and evolve. Thank you friends, new and old, who are here for the journey. 

Happy weekend to you all. 




Here we go!

Hello Online World,

It's nice to meet you!

Welcome to the Marifly blog, where I will express, highlight and share with all of you things that matter greatly to me.

Marifly began with a nudge from my husband. He helped me start to sell some handmade items in a shop downtown in August. I never expected that nudge would lead me to pillow-design, lots of sewing, and an online shop, but it has and I'm completely excited.

I'll keep it short today. Go explore the site. Tell me what you think - the good and the bad. I'd love to hear from you.

Happy looking.